this won't last

by Andrew David

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released April 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Andrew David Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: slave
Living life outside a cage
Is better than a single day in shackles as a slave
And you don't know what it's like to escape
You live your life by what everybody else will say

Nothing ventured nothing gained
Search out meaning and its your life you will save
I don't need to tell you how to live
But if I find you lost I'll be there with a light to give

A little light to guide you home
When you're out on this godforsaken road
Track Name: I heard some news today
I heard some news today
It's looking bleak
Son against father
Fights in the street
I heard some news today
It's looking bad
Angel at my bedside said
I should call my dad

I won't hold on this won't last
Play me a sad song remember the past

I heard some news today
Things will get worse
Wars in the Middle East
Feels like a curse
I heard some news today
Hope still to come
Angel at my bedside said
War is not yet won

The whole world is waiting to see what can be done
Put aside our differences this hate can be undone
Track Name: starry eyed
Starry eyed I write you a song tonight
Wishing I could find the words to make it right
Letters fall to the floor I abandon all repertoire
Fishing for meaning in the universe

Sick of the drugs and caffeine in
my veins they tangle and twist the knots in my brain

Left alone tonight with these thoughts of mine
Ripples of hope like a fragrant wine
Anger and pain spin wild like a weather vane
Foretelling sign of the storm in my life

I'm always hoping for the world to
fall apart
If I can get one more chance this
pain will leave my heart
Track Name: follow
Wherever you go
I will surely follow
If you lose your way
I will make the path straight

If you need a helping hand
Well then honey I'm your man
If you need direction
I'll hold the map

It's hard running round
this worn out ground
The dirt and the dust
The pain and the mistrust

Just leave it to me
I'll be your worker bee
I'll fly flower to flower
And return every hour

All metaphors aside
I will stay by your side
Through thick and thin
Thunder and wind
Track Name: Cheyenne
I'll bury you in Texas, where the wolves howl at the moon
We'll drive up through the heartland and curse the dust that blows
In the desert of the west, when we stop to watch the sky burn
I'll take you in my arms one final time, and curse god for taking you so soon

Cheyenne I feel like I could die, slip away into the night
Burn into the sky, explode like a star and
I'm not sure if I'm even alive or if I've already died
my skin feels raw, my stomach crawls and my vision fades and falls

I'm gonna put you to the fire, gonna let the embers burn
And when the flame is but a flicker, I will cover them with dirt
In the madness of the evening, as the sun dips bellow the mount
I will take those dirty ashes, and toss them in the ground
Track Name: head in the clouds
Listen son there's no easy way to say this
Your head in the clouds you've landed in your spaceship
And time trickled right by and you found yourselft
Left behind without someone to save you

Let it go let it go and face it
Get up now get up now don't waste it

Legs bound thought you were free but
Try to run and you will see you are
Nothing but what you feared so
shed your skin
Shed your skin, fly far away

Living in a modern age with modern trials in uncertain days
You gotta lift up your head beat your chest against the wind
Track Name: hindsight
I've lost the joy I've lost the sound
I've lost the music that I'd found
I've lost the words I've lost the mouth
I've lost the naive side of youth

I've found the pain that grows inside
I've found the ideal way to die
I've found the loneliness of life
I've found the aching and the strife

And in the darkness there is
comfort from the light that guides within
Through pain can come the
strength we need to make it to the end

I'm reminded of the night I'm reminded what is right
I'm reminded of my past I'm reminded this won't last
I'm reminded of the day I'm reminded of the year
I'm reminded of the hurt I'm reminded of the fear

I've forgotten all the loss I've forgotten life's a toss
I've forgotten here and now I've forgotten why and how
I've forgotten life and limb I've forgotten sink or swim
I've forgotten not to stray I've forgotten shades of gray
Track Name: mountains to move
Spend this day in the shade
Live this life in the fade
Work your bones and skin away
Sleepless nights you can't escape

Left up to my own devices
Choices seem unclear
But with a fire in my chest
I'll follow you down this road

In the end we'll see the sunlight
In the end we'll see the grave
In the end we'll know what life means
When St. Peter calls me by my name

So keep the sun upon your face
And climb the mountains fierce
Hold a candle for your love
Live a life worth fighting for
Track Name: tempest
Honest to God I won't stay away
Even on the worst day when you are blue
And when waters rise and tempests rage
We'll weather this storm like we always do

In the middle of the wind and rain
My words remain and our love will stay
Hardship and trials will fade
But I will remain. I will remain.

Stay true to yourself don't let that fade
Each person has a path they must take
Summers fade to winter but that's okay
If it's cold enough snow will whitewash this place
Track Name: this road
I know you've been down this road before
I know you're scared, can't walk no more
But don't lose hope
This could be a second chance at life

I know it's hard to begin again
I know I've been there to that end
But girl take heart
This could be a second chance to start

Moving on is never something
anyone wants to do
But starting fresh could be the best
thing for me and you

I know this road can twist and turn
I know there's hard lessons to learn
But stand your ground
This could be a second time around

I know it's hard to face the light
When darkness brings an endless night
But say a prayer
This could be a chance to show we care

Trouble ahead
I pray we'll weather every storm
Track Name: all is lost
It's not all movie scenes and memories
It's late night fights and tragedies
Losing your temper, sayin things you'll regret
Never ending nausea spinning round my head

And you just wish that you could let it all go
Get the hell out of town and live your life on the road
But there's ties to this life in this age of delight
It's these things you can't let go that drag you down at night

Wondering where to go next when all is lost
You think to yourself that my youth's been tossed
One more trip to the goddam store
For modern conveniences that leave you wanting more
Wondering where to go next when all is lost

Living this life when the passion is gone
All of the people you see all seem wrong
It's like chasing the wind but you'll never catch up
You just want to let go and feel the weight of it drop

So live this life and never looking back
Run with the wolves and wind up leading the pack
These days become nights and these nights into days
Your time here is sacred so soak up the rays

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